Continuous Security that Works with Your AWS Environment in a Way that Makes Sense

Organizations of all shapes and sizes, and across all industries are embracing the cloud to take advantage of the many benefits it offers. The move to the cloud also expands the potential attack surface and exposes you to unique risks and concerns, so it’s important to have continuous security in place that was capable of cloud workload protection. For CHESS Health, the search for effective security for their AWS (Amazon Web Services) environment led to Alert Logic.

Protecting Cloud Workloads on AWS

CHESS Health is a small startup that develops evidence-based mobile apps for healthcare. It’s main product—an app called A-CHESS—provides support to assist patients in addiction recovery and prevent relapse.

Cloud Native Now

The company chose to set up shop in the cloud—taking advantage of the cost-effectiveness and seamless scalability of AWS rather than struggling to invest in the right technology and personnel to accomplish the same thing in an on-premise data center. With a business focused on healthcare, though, CHESS Health must also comply with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and HITRUST (Health Information Trust Alliance) requirements. Dealing with sensitive health data and personally identifiable information requires that CHESS place a strong emphasis on security.

With a need for enterprise-grade security, but the limited resources of a small startup, Ian Beatty, Director of Infrastructure and Information Security for CHESS Health, set out to find a security solution that could effectively protect their AWS cloud workloads. His “shopping list” for what that security solution should look like included:

  • Provide real-time, 24/7 network security monitoring and actionable threat analysis and threat intelligence
  • Deliver a cost-effective, easy-to-implement solution that could scale with growth and as needs changed
  • Provided access to resources and expertise as part of the security offering
  • Ensure its products complied with rigorous healthcare industry regulations

Continuous Security and Peace of Mind

Beatty narrowed his options down to a short list of five vendors that included F5, Fortinet, and Alert Logic. After two months of evaluations to assess ease of deployment and effectiveness of the solutions, Beatty settled on Alert Logic as the best choice to protect the AWS environment for CHESS Health.

In a review posted in the AWS Marketplace, Beatty explained, “The Alert Logic tools integrate well into our existing environments without forcing us to break or modify configurations we’ve spent tons of time creating. Where other vendors are still trying to sell appliances to bolt-on to your AWS environment, Alert Logic works with your AWS environment in a way that makes sense.”

One of the things that sets Alert Logic apart from competitors—and played a significant factor in Beatty’s decision to choose Alert Logic—is the benefit of our SOC (Security Operations Center). There is peace of mind in knowing that expert security analysts are monitoring your environment 24/7 and will alert you immediately of any suspicious or malicious activity.

To learn more about Alert Logic’s AWS security solutions and why CHESS Health selected Alert Logic, check out the CHESS Health customer case study.

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