Cisco and Luminate partner to provide Zero Trust Access model

Modern enterprise IT and Security teams aim to provide and govern user access to corporate assets deployed in hybrid, dynamically changing environments. The dynamic nature of the modern IT infrastructure presents an operational and security challenge that is far more complex than traditional access and security. New challenges call for new solutions. Agile technology infrastructure demands an agile, dynamic and reliable access solution.

This is where the Zero Trust access model fits in.

It provides any authorized user, including employees and business partners, with secured connectivity to the corporate IT resources, on premise or in the cloud, that they need to do their day to day jobs.

Luminate Secure Access Cloud™ was built on the notion of allowing ephemeral, point-to-point secure access for authorized users, from any device, to their specific applications, when they need it and only after they are properly authenticated and authorized. The Secure Access Cloud™ enables security and IT teams to set-up easy-to-manage Zero Trust Application Access architecture in an agentless cloud native manner.

Taking this concept even further, Luminate has teamed up with Cisco to provide an even more flexible, dynamic and granular secure access, based on the contextual information provided by Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE). With this integration, the joint customers can now define a contextual access policy on the Luminate platform, based on the user’s group, role, and customized state that Cisco ISE contains.

The operational and security benefits of the joint solution are numerous:

  • Isolate your applications and workloads from inbound network access
  • Achieve granular, dynamic access policy based on context provided by ISE and additional providers of pxGrid
  • Quickly deploy the open platform with its infrastructure-as-code foundation and out-of-the-box integration with any IT orchestration and automation solution
  • On-board all your users painlessly – with Luminate’s agentless access model, specifically designed to accommodate a large user population

This joint solution provides a solid foundation for implementing advanced security methodologies such as Gartner’s CARTA (Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Assessment) and Forrester’s ZTX (Zero Trust eXtended).

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