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How to Become an Incident Responder – IT Security Careers (CyberSpeak Podcast)

On this episode of the CyberSpeak with InfoSec Institute podcast, Keatron Evans, InfoSec Institute instructor and managing consultant at KM Cyber Security, LLC, discusses the path you can take to become an incident responder.

In the podcast, Evans and Chris Sienko, host of CyberSpeak with InfoSec Institute, discuss:

  • When did you become interested in security? (1:10)
  • Are your milestones still presently applicable? (4:45)
  • What are the day-to-day activities of an incident response expert? (8:25)
  • What projects or activities should an incident responder be interested in? (13:25)
  • What certifications should you pursue for a career in incident response? (19:45)
  • Do most companies have an in-house incident response pro or is it more contract work? (21:25)
  • What are some common mistakes incident response aspirants make and how can you avoid them? (26:15)
  • What one action you can take today that moves you one step closer to incident response? (28:25)

The InfoSec Institute IT security career series aims to break down the path from security newcomer to an elite security practitioner. You can watch a video version of the interview below:

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