Establishing trust and a foundation: A Star Wars Solo Story

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We enjoyed putting together our five-part blog series coming out of Star Wars Episode VIII earlier this year so much that we decided to add one more to the series after the release of Solo earlier this summer in between mega Star Wars Episodes VIII and IX. This film spotlights the emergence of Han Solo (who we are first introduced to in Episode IV).

Summer Spotlight Character: Han Solo and Chewbacca
Summer Spotlight Theme:
Building a foundation

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It’s important to know where we came from before we can ever truly know where we are going. This rings true not only in the latest Star Wars film installment, Solo, focusing in on how the iconic Han Solo came to be but also in the cybersecurity world.

In the film, we learn how the rebellious Han Solo came to be one of the galaxy’s most wanted. We also find out how his beloved friendship with Chewbacca came to fruition (after Chewie nearly rips Han’s head off in a dungeon before they decide to team up to escape and an eternal friendship was born). 

In the cyber security world, it’s easy to look ahead at what’s to come because…why not? The industry is more relevant and booming now than ever. And there is nothing to suggest it’s going to slow down anytime soon. But it’s critical to understand what paved the way to get where we are today and where we are headed tomorrow.

Han and Chewie established a level of trust throughout the film that we all know carries over into the future with the unbreakable bond they share gallivanting across the galaxy. Similarly, establishing trust is critical in today’s cybersecurity landscape. 

You can look at nearly any vertical or industry and know that it has very likely evolved and learned from the past. Cybersecurity is no different and there are numerous defining moments that help to shape and pave the way for the future.

Learning lessons the hard way? Most of us have been there before. Han is the epitome of this, not only in Solo but in several of the Star Wars episodes. Before we can truly change and evolve, we must take a moment to remember how far we’ve come, how this all started and where the ultimate purpose lies…. making our world a safer and more secure place.

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