Best Responses to ‘4 Effective Targeted Techniques to Marketing GDPR’

Now that GDPR’s May deadline has passed, it doesn’t mean the regulation is any less important. In fact, Europe’s introduction of this new privacy law has changed the face of communication. How are security vendors supposed to market their products as GDPR solutions now we’re past the deadline? The threats of fines still exist and breaking GDPR still has plenty of uncertainty. How are vendors providing solutions that reduce that risk of being fined? The scare tactic of “are you ready for GDPR?” left a bad taste for many InfoSec professionals. There has to be a better way.

Last week I wrote a story about the future of marketing GDPR. There were some great responses via LinkedIn so I put together my favorites in this quick two minute video.

Here is my feedback, to your feedback, to my article “4 Effective Targeted Techniques to Marketing GDPR.”

David Spark

David Spark

David Spark is a veteran tech journalist with nine years experience covering cybersecurity. He has partnered with Security Boulevard to continue his popular CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Series. Spark is also the founder of the Spark Media Solutions, a B2B content marketing agency for the tech industry. He's a former standup comic, comedy writer for The Second City in Chicago, and San Francisco tour guide.

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