Alejandro Hernandez’s Exposing Security Weakness in Stock Trading Tech

 via the   White Paper   mentioned herein.

via the White Paper mentioned herein.

Superlative security research is still coming out of the IOActive game-changing environment (this has been going on for years now – how do they do it…).

Case in Point: The work of Alejandro Hernandez and his current project targeting the apparent insecurity of some (but not all, mind you) stock trading applications so popular amongst the budding young (and old – don’t forget the greybeards) kings and queens of capitalism.

In the case under scrutiny, a highly detailed – most importantly: thoroughly accurate – examination of a large number of commercially available applications executing their binary bits on a variety of platforms. Read all about it on Mr. Hernandez’s blog post at Iocactive, and white paper. You’ll be glad you did.


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