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5-Star Phish

We would like to formally invite you to join Intercity Technology and Wandera for a private, by invitation only dinner, hosted in the Motcomb Room at the 5-Star Berkeley Hotel, Knightsbridge on Thursday, 11th October.

Guests will enjoy a luxury 3-course meal with flowing conversations around the evolution of mobile phishing from email to SMS, instant messaging and social media applications.

Mobile devices are now an integral part of any successful organisation and the number of mobile phishing attacks is doubling every year. Phishing has now become the number one threat on mobile and research shows that users are 3x more vulnerable to phishing on mobile than on desktop and 18x more likely to succumb to a mobile phishing attack than to a malware download.

What started as a consumer technology quickly spread into the workplace, allowing employees to become more agile, productive and on-the-go. However, for all the benefits that mobility offers, attackers are now moving to where employees spend much of their time – on SMS, instant messenger and social media applications.

Is mobile device-usage an integral part of your day-to-day business? Join us on the evening Thursday, 11th September from 18.30pm and let our security experts steer you upstream and protect your users from falling foul of a phish.

Please note, places are limited and are subject to availability. To secure your free-to-attend seat, please RSVP at your earliest convenience.

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