Stop Asking CISOs if They Care about Security — CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast

CISO/Security Vendor Relationship PodcastWant to get under a CISO’s skin? Ask them if they have a concern for security in their environment. It’s like asking a chef if they’re concerned about preparing food. In this week’s episode of the CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Podcast, we learn how the following:

  • Dumbest mistakes you can make as a CISO
  • What to do on day 1 when you’re a CISO
  • Why is everyone talking about this now? Questioning a CISO’s job interests.
  • Please, Enough. No, More on GDPR.
  • We critique a vendor pitch.
  • And “Ask a CISO.”

As always, the show is hosted by me, David Spark (@dspark), founder, Spark Media Solutions and Mike Johnson, CISO, Lyft. Our guest this week is Richard Greenberg (@ragreenberg), CISO, LA County Department of Health Services as well as chapter presidents of ISSA and OWASP in Los Angeles.

This episode is sponsored by Signal Sciences. We thank them for their support.

We Want Your Input and Critiques

For every episode we want input from listeners!

Please contact me here or on LinkedIn and send me the following:

  • “Ask a CISO” question.
  • A vendor pitch you want us to critique.
  • A hot security discussion (please provide a link).
  • A quick security tip.
  • A big industry story and what it means to security professionals.

In all cases, we can or can’t mention you and your company name or keep you anonymous. Just let me know what you want.

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David Spark is a veteran tech journalist with nine years experience covering cybersecurity. He has partnered with Security Boulevard to continue his popular CISO/Security Vendor Relationship Series. Spark is also the founder of the Spark Media Solutions, a B2B content marketing agency for the tech industry. He's a former standup comic, comedy writer for The Second City in Chicago, and San Francisco tour guide.

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