Q&A Series with RSAC APJ Ambassador Jonathan Trull

In Part 4 of this series, we get to know RSAC APJ Ambassador Jonathan Trull.

Jonathan Trull

Jonathan is the Chief Cybersecurity Strategist at Microsoft and a frequent speaker at RSA Conferences. We reached out to him for his predictions on the hot topics at RSAC 2018 APJ and what he thinks sets this conference apart from others.

As a longtime conference veteran, what do you consider your number one reason for attending RSAC?

I like connecting with friends and colleagues to discuss best practices and new and emerging topics in information security. 

What do you get out of RSAC APJ that is unique to this conference?

I enjoy the regional focus of the conference. Different regions approach security and compliance issues differently, and it’s helpful to learn from those within the APJ region about how they are approaching the task of securing large enterprises.

How do you think the popular conversations at RSAC 2018 APJ may differ from those at RSAC 2017 APJ?

I believe there will be an increased focus on the risks associated with companies adopting emerging technologies designed to accelerate digital transformation initiatives. I would expect to see more sessions and discussions on cloud adoption and use, DevOps or agile development practices, serverless computing, IoT and AI. 

I also think a continuing topic for discussion surrounds the fact that most security teams are still drowning in the security events from the systems they protect. Many people, including myself, have high hopes for leveraging AI to solve this problem. However, the technology has not yet caught up to the expectations in this area. It will be exciting to see what new innovations are announced. 

At this year’s RSA Conference, you’ll be leading a Learning Lab and presenting a session—both on cloud. What are the skills/info you hope attendees walk away with from each?

At the end of the day, I want attendees to understand the essential controls and procedures needed to securely architect and defend cloud workloads from attacks. In the session, we’ll review how attendees can leverage the Center for Internet Security critical controls to protect their cloud assets. In the Learning Lab, we will give attendees a hands-on, interactive experience where they will respond to common attacks as part of a company’s blue team.

Is there a session that you’re looking forward to attending?

Top 10 Ways to Make Hackers Excited: Shortcuts That Were Not Worth Taking by Paula Januszkiewicz.

Is there a speaker you’re excited to hear?

Andrei Barysevich. [Editor’s note: Andrei will be speaking about the dark web at RSAC 2018 APJ.]

Do you have any recommendations on must-see Singapore sights?

Singapore Night Safari.

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