A week in security (July 2 – July 8)

Last week, we tracked back a large mining operation from their Coinhive shortlink, we took a look at online project management tools, we described a new macro-less technique to distribute malware, and talked about a Mac malware that targets crypto-mining users.

Other news:

  • Huawei enterprise comms kit has a TLS crypto bug. (Source: The Register)
  • The Pentagon is building a dream team of tech-savvy soldiers. (Source: Wired)
  • Some computer science academics ran an experiment to find out whether your phone is secretly listening to you. (Source: Gizmodo)
  • Chrome and Firefox pull stylish add-on after a report it logged browser history. (Source: Bleeping Computer)
  • A downloader that decides how to infect the victim: with a cryptor or with a miner. (Source: SecureList)
  • Macro-based malware campaign replaces desktop and Quick Launch shortcuts to install backdoor. (Source: SCMagazine)
  • Homeland Security subpoenas Twitter for data breach finder’s account. (Source: ZDNet)
  • Ex-NSO employee caught selling stolen phone hacking tool for $50 Million. (Source: The Hacker News)
  • A handful of giant companies are centralizing control of the internet. (Source: BuzzxFeed News)
  • Eight arrested in Africa-based cybercrime and business email compromise conspiracy. (Source:

Stay safe, everyone!

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