Week 24 Cyberattack Digest 2018 – Banco de Chile, Dixons Carphone, Liberty Holdings and others

Now, it is high time for another series of the cyber attack week digest. Let us have a look at the most noticeable attacks of the week 24.

Another cyber victim in the financial sector

by IBS Intelligence – 11 June 2018

The wave of cyberattacks targeting financial organizations did not end up with the Mexico heist and reached the Banco de Chile. Experts believe the KillDisk virus has infiltrated numerous bank’s computers and servers leaving hard drives unrebootable. During the attack, malefactors carried out four fraudulent transactions. In a report by Trend Micro, the attack was associated with a recent hackers’ attempt to steal about $110 million from Bancomext. According to Trend Micro, the breach might have been performed only as a distraction and the main goal was presumably to get the access to the systems connected to the bank’s local Swift network.

Over 7 million records are targeted in the Dixons Carphone breach

by The Independent – 13 June 2018

Dixons Carphone became a victim of an Espionage attack that left millions of customers’ details exposed. The company confirmed that about 6 million customer bank card details and more than a million personal data records were lost. 5.8 million of the targeted payment cards were protected by chip and pin. Hackers managed to steal 105,000 non-EU unprotected cards and 1.2 million records with non-financial personal data. By far, there has been no evidence that the breach had resulted in fraudulent actions. The representatives of the organization notified all the relevant card companies.

Mexican political website suffers a DDoS attack

by Reuters – 14 June 2018

Sabotage attacks targeting election websites is not something rare. The website of a Mexican political opposition party suffered a Sabotage attack, which happened during Tuesday’s final television debate. The debate was held between presidential candidates ahead of the July 1 vote. The attack was confirmed by the National Action Party (PAN), which said that its website experienced a distributed denial of service (DDoS) cyber attack. Earlier, the site had published critical documents of the leading candidate. The main part of traffic was said to proceed from China and Russia.

Liberty Holdings insurer experiences Espionage attack

by Business Day – 17 June 2018

The representatives of the Liberty Holdings confirmed being compromised. Hackers reached the critical data on some of the top clients of the insurer. The breach took place on Saturday. Espionage attacks are common when it comes to major companies processing large amounts of customers’ data.

Besides common Espionage attacks, time shows that attackers still consider financial sphere a fruitful target. Forewarned is forearmed and it is always better to care about your security in advance.

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