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The Company

Recognized by CRN as a top managed service provider (MSP), STF Consulting provides customized IT services and security to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and enterprises in the Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex counties of New Jersey.

Sean Furman, president of STF Consulting, started the company in 2000 with just one client. He now has a staff of seven and points to his company’s specialized focus for its success. Says Sean, “We are a real boutique provider and have always worked with clients through an exclusive contract-based model. Our clients have high expectations, and our model provides the right foundation for high-quality services through one contract, so deliverables are clear and achievable. This also enables us to be very proactive and easily add new services as clients evolve their businesses.”

The Challenge

While his security practice is strong, Sean believes two key challenges are providing proactive service and staying ahead of threats, coupled with the ongoing need to build recurring contract-based revenue. He explains, “The security landscape has made things much more difficult. IT vendors are scrambling to stay ahead of issues and demonstrate their value. We need clients that fit our contract-based service model and the tools that enable us to deliver what’s needed. We need the ability to automate, schedule, and deliver critical security services and continue to gain efficiencies that will drive our growth.”

The Solution

In the company’s early days, Sean checked on client networks manually, lacking an automated way to gain a master view of all clients’ IT and security statuses. But as he scaled his MSP business, he quickly saw the value in remote monitoring and management (RMM) platforms.

In 2007, he chose Managed Workplace as his first RMM. “Managed Workplace is the glue that holds everything together for us, and years later that’s still the case,” says Sean. “Having a tool like Managed Workplace is critical to our business. It lets me see everything and gives me the automation I need. I can solve complex problems, run reports, audit client environments for different scenarios, schedule and deliver security services, and more.”

While Sean and his team use many of the features offered by Managed Workplace, the monitoring, alerting, and reporting capabilities of the RMM remain critical to his business. “We have alerting set up for hundreds of possible scenarios, which also helps us with compliance. We can monitor and manage thousands of pieces of equipment from the RMM’s single pane of glass. Managed Workplace’s monitoring, alerting, and reporting components help us stay one step ahead and provide substantial time savings.”

The Results

Sean recently signed a new three-year contract for Managed Workplace. He explains, “From the time I started my business, I have always used Managed Workplace. I couldn’t do what I do without Managed Workplace. It would be like flying a plane in the fog without radar. We would be lost without the data it provides.”

The use of Managed Workplace has resulted in the following benefits for STF Consulting:

  • Complete visibility into client sites for proactive security services
  • Automated delivery of security services for Sean’s entire client base through the RMM platform
  • Countless hours saved each week using the Managed Workplace monitoring, alerting, reporting, and security services

Sean attributes the complete set of Managed Workplace features to building his company’s security practice. “With features like monitoring and alerting, I can scale my business because I have the proper checks and balances in place. We can also take on more business — and more importantly, the right kind of business — and build much deeper relationships with clients.”

Build up your business with the RMM that can scale according to your needs, from IT services for niche businesses to full cybersecurity for large-scale enterprises. Download Managed Workplace today and experience how easy it is to offer top-notch IT and proactive security.

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