Security+: Implementing Secure Network Architecture Concepts


The Security+ Sy0-501 has made some changes to the overall layout and structure of the exam objectives, and as such, the domain topics have changed quite a bit. We will be exploring the requirements of Doman 3.2, which deals with Implementing Secure Network Architecture Concepts.

Instead of briefly touching on each point as a guide to point you in the right direction when studying for your exam, we have put together a summary of items that you should definitely know for the exam. This should serve as an indication of what you should be looking to answer, other than just parroting you the definitions of each title. For those looking to find out about training, be sure to check out the Bootcamp specials that we highlight in the conclusion of the article. Infosec’s Bootcamp for Security+ can be found here.

It should go without saying, but you will need to follow your study guide or text book, (or better yet, the Infosec Bootcamp Training Material) and go over each and every item on the exam objective PDF, which can be found here. Only then will you have a solid and holistic idea of what you need to know. So with all of that out of the way, let us take a look at the some of the most likely items that you will need to know for your Sy0-501 exam!

Network Zones and DMZs

Section 3.2 lists these as the first two items to learn on the Zones/Topologies section of the Exam Objectives Guide, so it is a great starting point for us to look at as well. It is really important for you to understand what a network zone is, what they were designed for, whether they are logical, physical, segmented, internal or external. Those are (Read more...)

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