Facebookery: Playtime in Palo Alto

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via Cyrus Farivar, writing at Ars Technica, comes evidence of skullduggery at Zuckerberg’s Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB), this time, in the guise of failing to answer Senatorial queries, simply by ignoring such impudence.

*Senators – this is why the use of subpoena is such a powerful tool, especially against this form of stonewalling; further, don’t Senate staffers cover the appropos use of subpoena in your freshman year term classes on How To Behave Senatorialy?* – Mxh (ed.)

“Notably, Facebook declined to promise to share the results of its post-Cambridge Analytica investigation with the public or even Congress. The social media giant also wouldn’t say if it had ever turned off a feature for privacy reasons.” – via Cyrus Farivar, writing at Ars Technica


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