Cybersecurity Career Path – A Fresh Perspective

EH-Net - Brown - Cybersecurity CareerMy expertise is not necessarily laden in the land of career counseling, hiring standards, and education recommendations. However, anecdotally, coming into a cybersecurity career in an unorthodox manner and blossoming through passion and perseverance, this is the best advice I can offer.

First and foremost, we are past the days of the common refrain that “cybersecurity is not an IT problem, it is a business problem.” Instead we must understand that cybersecurity is a societal problem. And it is only once you immerse yourself in this dark world that you begin to see the binary light. You start to understand this when you evaluate the culture around your own experience as an information security professional.

Who Defines “Cybersecurity Career”?

Many ask what your job is. It could be your family, friends, stranger in the grocery store or when filling out a form with an ‘occupation’ field. There is a 50% chance that their eyes either glaze over, or they respond with something they heard on the media that has a slight relation to what you do. You most likely did not learn cyber terminology in elementary, middle school, high school, or even in some cases, college. Maybe you didn’t even study this initially at any level of education, and, while sauntering down your path of business, accounting, or law, you decided to jump on the roller coaster labeled “Want a Challenge?”

My point? We have a lack of foundation in which our industry lies. But rightfully so, as cybersecurity touches everyone as it is entangled through all facets of the markets, data, and global business and economic exchanges. Society is in awe of our technological advancements. Yet, every time a new profound product dog and pony show occurs, you can bet every security professional is shaking their head (Read more...)

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