451 Research explains Preempt: Identity, Behavior and Risk

Preempt’s platform is “one of the most interesting and powerful to hit the infosec market in years,” writes Garrett Bekker, 451 Research’s Houston-based Principal Security Analyst, in a new report (released yesterday).

You can download the report here, and you can find it on 451’s site, titled: Preempt launches access control platform that bridges identity, behavior and risk.” In short, this research piece outlines how Preempt establishes the identity-aware perimeter in an approach virtually no one else has ever tried. This technological progression speaks to the concept of the ‘identity-aware perimeter’ – a strategic imperative previously explained in 451’s 2018 Trends in Information Security research (released in December and co-authored by Bekker).

It’s always nice to see our partners spotlighted, particularly given how critical these partnerships and integrations are to our offering and overall go-to-market approach. Bekker highlights Preempt’s partnerships with “IDaaS vendors such as Okta, CA Technologies and Microsoft Azure Active Directory; MFA vendors such as Duo Security, RSA, Google, SecureAuth + Core Security, and ClearPass (Aruba Networks),” in addition to noting our work with VPN and SIEM vendors.

As with many cybersecurity companies – and frankly, software vendors across virtually every industry – the questions and considerations around adhering to an existing category versus creating an entirely new one presents interesting and philosophical challenges. “Forging a new security category is never easy, although if Preempt’s approach gains traction, we expect others to follow,” Bekker writes. Further, “Preempt has few direct competitors, and its initial challenge will be finding ways to distinguish itself from vendors in adjacent categories such as adaptive multi-factor authentication (MFA), advanced threat protection, user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) and cloud access security brokers (CASB), to name a few.”

Download 451’s report to learn more about Preempt’s approach, our history, our investors and partners, and our team’s virtually unparalleled experience. As Bekker explains, our initial funding is from Mickey Boodaei and Rakesh Loonkar,each of whom has invested in multiple successful security startups, including Palo Alto Networks, Trusteer (acquired by IBM), Mu Dynamics, Lacoon Mobile Security (acquired by CheckPoint), Fireglass (acquired by Proofpoint), Aorato (acquired by Microsoft), Skyfence (acquired by Forcepoint) and Imperva.”

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