The SEVillage at Def Con 26

I know what you are thinking, “the Def Con 25 bus just finished running us over, it’s not possibly time for Def Con 26 is it?” My answer to you is, “yes, yes it is.” Not only is it time, but Def Con 26 prep has been in full force. The competitions are prepared, the swag art is ready, the targets have been chosen, and the SECTF contestants are locked and loaded. We are confident this year is going to be the best year yet.  

So, what can you expect at the SEVillage this year? 

Two quick links before you read on.

First:  Our full DEF CON SEVillage Schedule is now live!!

Second:  We are honored to release this documentary on SEVillage made by @anyfuturebox productions.


Mission SE Impossible 

Back by popular demand is our Mission SE Impossible (or MSI)! Brought to life a few years ago, this competition quickly became a crowd favorite and is always requested. We will be taking live signups in the SEVillage, so if you want a chance to compete get there early Thursday morning to get your name in the running. Only 20 contestants will be selected. Sign-ups will be taken between 10:30am – 12pm. 

SECTF4Kids and SECTF4Teens   

Some of our favorite competitions to plan are the ones made for the kids and teens! This year we are taking the kids and teens into the dystopian world of Ready Player One. With challenges, ciphers, and puzzles that will challenge them physically, mentally, and virtually, we’ve created one of our most fun competitions yet. There is still space in both competitions for your kids (ages 6-12) and your teens (ages 13-17). So sign them up today for free!   


The SECTF has been the flagship event of the SEVillage since its creation at Def Con 18. This event, which has been selected to be a Black Badge event for the past 8 year, packs the room and has brought people to their feet in applause. With their fortune 500 company targets in hand, the contestants have entered the booth and proven time and time again that social engineering is still a very effective and dangerous vector for some of the largest companies today. This year was one of our hardest years to choose contestants with over 200 sign ups and so many amazing videos to choose from. Our 14 contestants have been selected and have all been informed. If you are one who submitted but did not get selected, we are truly sorry. However, remember your chance to compete in the SECTF is not over this year. We will be launching our SECTF at DerbyCon very soon. Watch our social media accounts for that announcement!   

SEVillage Speeches  

With its own Human Track, the SEVillage has been giving speakers a chance to share their thoughts, ideas, and tools with a crowd of social engineering enthusiasts and professionals. The stage has been home to many famous talks and speakers, and this year is proving to be our most exciting yet. Not only will we have our own human hacker, Chris Hadnagy, giving a speech, but we have recently signed up the SiDragon, Chris Roberts. Also, Social-Engineers own Ryan MacDougall will be presenting a very special speech that no one will want to miss. AND, in an epic turn of events, Clutch’s own lead singer and Innocent Lives Foundation board member, Neil Fallon, will be speaking on the SEVillage stage. *Please insert your mental image of Chris fangirling hard here. * In fact, not only will Neil be giving a speech but will be a guest judge in the SECTF competition!  

SE Podcast  

To finish off our last day at Def Con, we will end it with our live taping of the SE Podcast. With a special guest, you guessed it, Neil Fallon, it will be a podcast you won’t want to miss. Trust us, getting up early after 3 days of Def Con will be worth it!  

What are you waiting for?  

Have you made your plans to attend Def Con 26 yet?  If you haven’t, we highly suggest you do so now.

We’ll see you at Def Con 26!  For the full schedule make sure to see our DEF CON SCHEDULE PAGE

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