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SD-WAN and Cloud, Wonder Twin Powers Activate

SD-WAN has far exceeded 2017 expectations. It is one of the hottest trends in networking, and forecasts are increasing every quarter with IDC predicting the size of the SD-WAN market to be $8.05B by 2021.

Forrester’s 10 Cloud Computing predictions predicts that in 2018 the total global public cloud market will be $178B in 2018, up from $146B in 2017, and will continue to grow at a 22% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Public cloud platforms, the fastest growing segment, will generate $44 billion in 2018.

These are now two of the hottest new technologies that have yet to reach their peak. It is becoming clear that both of these technologies have significant synergies. Together, they will accelerate each other’s growth and ease implementations.

Twin Powers Activate

From the 10,000 foot view, SD-WAN is a great to augment existing MPLS environments with the addition of broadband with the option to replace MPLS in the future. It works really well to cut costs and lessen complexity for organizations with multiple branch locations. If you take that capability and sprinkle some of the latest cloud technology fairy dust in and it will reveal a hidden super power…a solution for the multi-cloud management conundrum.

Customers are already adopting a multi-cloud strategy. Some are doing it intentionally, others just end up there. Either way, managing the connectivity to multiple public and private cloud providers is tough enough. Throwing in SaaS providers and things get ugly quickly,

SD-WAN has reached maturity at just the right time. SD-WAN becomes the connectivity equalizer. Connecting your datacenter to a branch office, or to your development environment in AWS, or your databases in Azure becomes trivial. All of these different endpoints simply become nodes in the corporate network fabric. All endpoint connectivity is manageable with a single pane of glass, the SD-WAN controller.

As SD-WAN adoption accelerates organizations can further leverage SD-WAN to offer flexible, high-performance multi-cloud connectivity that is easily managed and extremely cost effective.

Have you implemented SD-WAN? How has it improved your organization?


Joe Goldberg

Author Bio: Joe Goldberg is the Senior Cloud Program manager at CCSI. Over the past 15+ years, Joe has helped companies to design, build out, and optimize their network and data center infrastructure. As a result of his efforts, major gains in ROI have been realized through virtualization, WAN implementation, core network redesigns, and the adoption of cloud services. Joe is also ITIL certified.

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