Highlights from Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong 2018

The rules of risk taking

What kind of person are you? Are you a risk taker or someone who like to play it safe? Is your organization one that takes risk, or is it risk averse?

Let’s take digital transformation, for example. Most organizations want to embrace it, but feel constricted due to data privacy concerns and compliance regulations. However, companies that can’t or won’t find a path forward run the risk (pun intended!) of getting left behind.

Due to an ever-expanding attack surface, business-led digital transformation will always pose a risk to data – but that risk can absolutely be mitigated. This concept was a main topic of conversation during last week’s Cloud Expo Asia show in Hong Kong.

Reaching into the cloud

Last week’s conference served as a forum for IT professionals from enterprises and public sectors to learn about effective cloud investment and strategy, while developing and executing technology projects. Attracting over 10,000 visitors and more than 250 expert speakers and vendors, this premium APAC industry event is one Thales eSecurity is proud to sponsor.

The Cloud Expo Asia buzz

The most pressing concerns facing organizations in APAC seemed to lead back to compliance. Questions we received at our booth included the following:

  • How can my business meet regional and global compliance regulations?
  • What should be classified as “personal data”?
  • Which are the best strategies are for protecting data in the cloud?

Highlights from Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong 2018

From Top: Thales eSecurity managing principal vonsultant Ian Christofis presents his session to a packed audience. From L to R: A hive of activity around the Thales eSecurity booth.

Given the level of interest in compliance, then, it’s unsurprising that Thales eSecurity managing principal consultant Ian Christofis delivered his presentation, “Meeting the Challenges of GDPR and other Compliance with Encryption”, to a packed audience. Among the points Ian made:

  • Privacy and security are often confused. They are separate but overlapping concepts
  • The GDPR has international reach and stands to have a profound effect on organizations all over the world
  • Many types of data will be considered personal data. If in doubt, treat all data as personal data

Privacy, security, and compliance

For good or bad, compliance is seen by many as an easy benchmark standard for securing data, even when moving into the cloud. However, privacy is a very complex area, with many jurisdictions having privacy-related laws guided by various multinational frameworks and guidance. Privacy regulations continue to proliferate as threats to privacy increase.

So what are organizations doing about it? Well, most are being smart and protecting their data using one of the most powerful tools available: encryption.

In light of the challenges presented by regulations, none more so than the GDPR, and the ongoing transition to multi-cloud infrastructures, it is more essential than ever businesses choose data protection technologies that help them meet compliance requirements while still scaling with their business needs.

Is your business #FitforCompliance or #FitforGDRP? For more information about the GDPR, please visit our dedicated landing page. You can also find insights at our main compliance page.

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