CompTIA Cyber Roundtable, NYC - Security Boulevard

CompTIA Cyber Roundtable, NYC

This past week Matthew Pascucci, Cybersecurity Practice Manager at CCSI participated in a Cyber Roundtable. Check out this article about the roundtable discussion by Teresa Varela-Lauper.

Dr. James Stanger is CompTIA’s Chief Technology Evangelist. He’s a CompTIA super hero in my book….traveling all over the world, speaking at events, impacting and representing the IT industry and CompTIA near and far.

I’m thankful to work with James on a series of roundtables we recently hosted in the New York area. He’s engaging with or without his beloved Diet Coke and facilitated great conversation among our cyber professionals. Here are his top take-aways from the discussion.

1. File-less security threats. Who needs traditional malware when you can wrap Python code around an image that does the same thing? After all, today’s computing devices – from PCs to IoT devices – have a full stack of tools, libraries, and interpreters that any good hacker can use to spin up any number of unexpected attacks. The implication is this: Yes, we need to educate our end users. But we also need to limit the number of tools we keep lying around, waiting for hackers to turn into improvised hacking devices.

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