CGEIT Domain 5: Resource Optimization


Resource optimization is the fifth (5) and last domain of ISACA’s Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT (CGEIT) exam. This domain covers 15% of the overall objectives of the exam. The objective of this domain is to ensure that the use and allocation of IT resources, including infrastructure, applications, people, information, and services support the accomplishment of enterprise objectives. The following sections describe resource optimization material in greater detail. Candidates must have a thorough understanding of these concepts to successfully pass the CGEIT exam.

What Topics Are Covered in This Domain?

This domain covers seven task statements and nine knowledge statements. Below, candidates can see detailed outlines of each concept under this domain.

Task Statements:

  1. Ensure that processes are in place to identify, acquire and maintain IT resources and capabilities (i.e., information, services, infrastructure and applications, and people).
  2. Evaluate, direct, and monitor sourcing strategies to ensure existing resources are taken into account to optimize IT resource utilization.
  3. Ensure the integration of IT resource management into the enterprise’s strategic and tactical planning.
  4. Ensure the alignment of IT resource management processes with the enterprise’s resource management processes.
  5. Ensure that a resource gap analysis process is in place so that IT is able to meet strategic objectives of the enterprise.
  6. Ensure that policies exist to guide IT resource sourcing strategies that include service-level agreements (SLAs) and changes to sourcing strategies.
  7. Ensure that policies and processes are in place for the assessment, training, and development of staff to address enterprise requirements and personal/professional growth.

Knowledge Statements:

  1. Knowledge of IT resource planning methods
  2. Knowledge of human resource procurement, assessment, training, and development methodologies
  3. Knowledge of processes for acquiring application, information, and infrastructure resources
  4. Knowledge of outsourcing and offshoring approaches that may be employed to meet the investment program and operation level (Read more...)

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