Bromium Partners-First Strategy Gains Momentum

  • Bromium is expanding its investment in channel partner networks, bringing virtualization-based security to the mid-enterprise market
  • Our partners-first strategy drives the product roadmap, field organization and enablement programs to provide dedicated sales, marketing, and technical support to channel partners to ensure their success and growth
  • To support this shift, Bromium developed a series of plug-and-play security solutions to increase ease of deployment and usability, offering rapid time to value for customers and new business opportunities for our channel partners

Last week, Bromium modernized our Go-To-Market strategy to enable our global channel partners to better support mid-market enterprises. This follows commitments made last September to transform Bromium into a partner-first business with a new go to market strategy.

Since the move to an increasingly indirect sales model in North America, we’ve grown our partner-contributed revenue from 30 percent to more than 70 percent. Our initial successes led to this important shift in our North American operations to focus on an indirect model, and we’re now investing heavily in technical channel support and channel enablement.

Partner-First Commitment

Our partners-first strategy is a multi-faceted approach that includes modifications to our product, the product roadmap, organizational changes, and an overhaul of our channel partner enablement and support programs.

On the product side, Bromium has recently rolled out a series of out-of-the-box solutions that address several common security use cases, such as defending against malware hiding in email attachments, malicious phishing links, and document and file downloads. These solutions can be rapidly implemented at a customer site, delivering immediate value. Bromium plans to continue to expand these offerings in the future, to cover more user cases and address additional customer pain points.

On the enablement side, we are aligning our resources to ensure channel partners success. This includes technical support, implementation assistance, training resources, marketing materials, and much more. Our goal is to open new opportunities for our partners and to help them bring revolutionary virtualization-based security solutions to the mid-market and beyond.

Proven Success

We at Bromium have always believed in our innovative technology and unique value proposition. By focusing on isolation rather than relying on detection, Bromium is changing the way businesses and governments around the world approach endpoint security.

Internationally, our sales model shifted to be 100 percent indirect via new VARs and system integrators, and we experienced more than 240 percent year-over-year growth.

Together with our experienced channel partners in North America, we can bring our solutions into organizations that have already invested in application security (such as AV or NGAV), but realize that they still have gaps in coverage. Our channel partners can tap into their existing customer base to make additional revenue, while helping organizations better protect their assets from the ever-changing array of threats.

Bromium Partner Network

Bromium Partner Network is a tiered program that includes solution providers, alliance partners, systems integrators, and technology partners. At each segment, we strive to offer specialized support to ensure ongoing success and development opportunities for our partners and their customers.

To learn more about our partner network, please visit: or contact us to learn more.

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