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Threat Stack Launches Cloud SecOps Program

Security + Operations — Better Together!

Yesterday was a game-changer for Threat Stack and the cybersecurity community! That’s when we launched the Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Program, offering a radical transformation in the way Security and Operations teams can work together.

The Threat Stack Cloud SecOps Program has been purpose-built to give organizations the roadmap, technology, and people they need to integrate Security and Operations. Now companies of all sizes can securely leverage modern infrastructure and DevOps at scale!

To see for yourself, take a look at the following video where core members of the Threat Stack team give insights into the what, why, and how:

Pia Heilmann, Director of Sales  (@Pia_Elisabeth)

Amara Oleson-Richards, Manager of Customer Success (@The_Amara)

Pete Cheslock, Senior Director of Operations and Support (@petecheslock)

Pat Cable, Senior Infrastructure Engineer (@patcable)

Brian M. Ahern, CEO (@brian_ahern26)

Sam Bisbee, CSO (@sbisbee)

To learn more about the program, click here, and if you want to baseline your organization’s cloud security maturity as a start to strengthening your security posture,  take our Cloud SecOps Maturity Assessment.

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