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Of the top-ten most valuable companies, four of them are in technology and the rest are based on technology. Out of this explosion of tech and the digitization of industry, we have also had the digitization of crime. Cybercrime is the scourge of the 21st century. The latest report from Cybersecurity Ventures shows cybercrime will cost the world around $6 trillion every year by 2021. This is a strong indicator there is a serious problem and someone has to fix it — could it be you?

The cybersecurity industry is rapidly becoming the place to focus your career aspirations. But techniques and practices in cybersecurity are fast-moving and often highly sophisticated. Cybersecurity is an exciting and challenging industry to work in with a continuous need for education to keep up with changes.

As a result, organizations need the best people to deal with this rapidly advancing situation. Any person who likes a challenge and is good at solving problems is an asset to the industry.  And the industry is calling out for good cybersecurity folks. In the report mentioned earlier, it was also found organizations are struggling to recruit people into cybersecurity. By 2021, there are expected to be 3.5 million unfilled positions in the industry. This vacuum will drive salaries upwards; the current U.S. median salary for a cybersecurity analyst, at entry level, is around $75,000.

Cybersecurity is the great equalizer. It offers an interesting and stimulating career for both men and women. Driven by unfilled posts and the incentives of high pay, interesting career paths and often flexible working, cybersecurity is a job for all.

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