As we barrel further into the digital age, IT security carries increasing importance to the operation of your business.

IT services now represent both the hub of business operations and the primary line of defense for most companies. Accordingly, it is crucial that your employees understand the centrality IT services and security play to the overall operation of your business.

Your employees either represent a security strength or weakness for your company. If they are unfamiliar with outstanding IT security threats or policy, they represent liabilities. However, a security-conscious and educated employee base is an asset that provides an extra layer of IT security for your business.

Consider the following advice for investing in your employees in efforts to strengthen your company’s IT security.

1. Invest in Your Employees

The first step to take to strengthen your company’s IT security is to educate and prepare your employees.

At the most basic level, your company’s IT security depends on your employees. As InfoWorld columnist Roger Grimes bluntly states: “Successful security strategies are not about tools – it’s about teams.”

Your “team,” in the case of IT security, includes the entirety of your company. There are two main functions of IT security that each one of your employees needs to be familiar with if they are to serve as security assets for your business:

  1. Policy compliance
  2. Incident response

Investment in these two areas encourages IT security awareness among your employees, which in turn reduces security risk and prepares your company in the event of a breach.

2. Teach IT Threat Recognition and Policy Parameters

Every person in your company needs to complete some sort of compliance training for your business’ IT security policy. Compliance training both informs your employees about the specifics of your company’s policy—its crucial IT services, primary (Read more...)