Here?s to FIDO Alliance: In Praise of Authentication Protocols

At RSA, we take our commitment to delivering “Authentication Your Way” very seriously. After all, the more choices of authentication methods available to you, the easier it’s going to be to find exactly the right ones to meet your business needs and match your users’ preferences. That’s why we’re excited about working with the Fast Identity Online (FIDO) Alliance to develop and promote the adoption of innovative new authentication standards and capabilities.

The FIDO Alliance’s mission is, in its own words, to “change the nature of online authentication,” largely through technology that allows organizations to rely less on passwords for authentication. The alliance offers different types of user experiences to meet a variety of needs; RSA SecurID® Access supports the FIDO Second Factor Experience using FIDO Universal Second Factor (U2F) authenticators. It allows enterprises to add a strong second authentication factor to their existing password infrastructures in order to secure access to their on-premises and cloud applications.

Enabling More Choices for RSA Customers
We’re committed to offering RSA customers more ways for users to authenticate to resources, and we’re pleased that the FIDO Alliance enables us to provide yet another authentication choice in addition to push to approve, biometrics, SMS and proximity authentication, as well as hardware and software tokens. RSA SecurID Access determines which methods users are allowed to use for any particular access attempt based on risk assessment and customer defined policies. The FIDO Second Factor Experience is a particularly compelling choice for organizations with partners and independent (Read more...)

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