Known by the names of zero-footprint, invisible,  or non-malware, these types of attacks are continuing to increase at organizations over time.  Is your organization concerned with fileless malware, and malware that is essentially “off the grid”?


What is Fileless Malware?

Fileless malware does not imply there aren’t any files utilized within an attack. What is does mean is that the files simply are not used after the attack. They are usually removed or moved to another file altogether.  Though this type of malware is not new, there has been an increase seeing this type of malware being utilized, as we saw with Powershell, AdylKuzz and Wannacry in 2017. 

It’s worth noting Lenny Zelster’s point about fileless malware.

“Though initially fileless malware referred to malicious code that remained solely in memory without even implementing a persistence mechanism, the term evolved to encompass malware that relies on (Read more...)