Eurononsense: Hitchhikers Guide To The End Of Planet WHOIS

 Arthur Dent and His Towel

Arthur Dent and His Towel

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Pending Evidence to the Contrary, the end of Planet WHOIS is slated for 2018/05/25 ostensibly due to nonsensical GPDR legislation, crafted by those Braniacs in Brussels. Better find that copy of Doug Adam’s mantra to mankind – The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, your towel, and perhaps some stout as it shall be a bumptious ride when traveling with Arthur Dent, Esq. ICANN attempted with amusing futility to fix things rightup, but failed to acquire consensus on WHOIS usage in the Wacky Age of EU Mandated Privacy. Via the outstanding reportage of Kieren McCarthy writing at El Reg. Discombobulated? You and me both, Pal!


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