Building a Security Start-Up

If only building a security start up was as predictable as transitioning from caterpillar to butterfly! But, it s not. Unfortunately it usually requires many turns and corresponding changes. Consider companies like Blackberry, once a ubiquitous handset provider, now an enterprise security provider. Or Radware, once a load balancing product company, now known for its DDoS solutions. The most dramatic change in our industry is Amazon, once a book company, now marketing a whole range of secure cloud solutions.If you are a start up, you want to avoid the dreaded pivot with its associated hard resource costs and, potentially, people costs. How do you keep up with constantly changing marketplace requirements without pivoting? I recently discovered an amazing tool for this purpose, the Business Model Canvas. It s not brand new, but if you aren t using it, please read on for a short introduction. For details and much more, please see the original work Business Model Generation (2010) by Al…

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