iScan Online Moments in 2013

It’s day 2 of 2014 and you’ve likely started a number of resolutions you want to follow through with. Maybe it’s time to spend more time at the gym, with the family, cut down on the pizza or perhaps address mobile security threats. At this time last year, there were 6.6 billion mobile subscriptions throughout the globe. Today, both our global population and mobile subscriptions are over 7 billion. In fact, mobile subscriptions have now surpassed the total number of humans on the planet.

With the recent data breach headlines and rapid adoption of BYOD, we asked our customers how iScan Online would be incorporated into their New Years resolutions. An amazing response as everyone was in agreement. The top 3 in chronological order are listed below on how iScan Online will play a role with 2014 resolutions:

1) All Smartphones and Tablets will be scanned for vulnerabilities before joining the network.
2) All endpoints will be scanned for unprotected PII data, including BYOD and Mobile.
3) Remote home workers are to be scanned for vulnerabilities before connecting to corporate networks and applications.

2013 has been an amazing year here at iScan Online. We have had a blast changing the paradigm of how vulnerability and security scanning are being performed. This year we will continue making security scanning easier & faster while remaining affordable for both our SMB’s and MSP customers.

Check out these moments on iScan Online from 2013 in the slides below:

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From everyone at iScan Online, we wish you a Happy Holidays and a wonderful New Year!
Keep on Scanning.

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