PII Data Types

When To Use PII Discovery in the Audit Process

If you perform assessments as a career, you know the importance of providing great results. An effective security or compliance report may mean the difference between a potential security incident or data breach. While your company may have exceptional skill … Continue reading → ... Read More
Desktops storing unprotected PII data

The Perfect Storm – Hackers eye on SMB

Managed Service Providers to the Rescue… Every organization would be thrilled if it could scratch it’s name from tomorrow’s Hurricane of Data Breaches. Unfortunately for the small-midsize business (SMB), they are finding themselves on the coastlines of a data breach … Continue reading → ... Read More

MSPWorld 2014 Conference Invite – Hurricane of Data Breach Talk

Data breaches are affecting all size organizations just like hurricanes entering the Gulf of Mexico. With the most recent direct blow to Target, Neiman Marcus and others, we predict this is only the eye of the storm or the calm … Continue reading → ... Read More

Most Vulnerable Adobe or Java? You Make The Call.

As it is super bowl week / end, we thought we’d conjure up our best version of the classic ‘You Make the Call’ segments that appeared on Monday Night Football. A recent article posted on ZDNet highlights research from Cisco’s … Continue reading → ... Read More
DataBreach Intersection

Data Breaches at The Intersection of Vulnerabilities and Data Discovery

As we learn more about the inner workings of the malware that infected Target and most likely Neiman Marcus during the holiday season I thought it would be helpful to draw some conclusions about not only protecting against malware such … Continue reading → ... Read More
Credit Card Image

What is the cost of poor cardholder data discovery?

When the topic of data breach comes up, encryption and vulnerability scanning are usually part of the solution. But most people don’t realize that getting a frequent assessment on all endpoints can be just as important as securing the payment … Continue reading → ... Read More

iScan Online Moments in 2013

It’s day 2 of 2014 and you’ve likely started a number of resolutions you want to follow through with. Maybe it’s time to spend more time at the gym, with the family, cut down on the pizza or perhaps address … Continue reading → ... Read More
4 Mobile Threat Pillars

Mobile Security Threat – awareness

We live in a world of branch offices, remote workers, BYOD, transient and mobile users. Today’s wide array of smartphones, tablets and devices of many shapes and sizes access our network and data. These non-patched and mis-configured devices storing unencrypted … Continue reading → ... Read More
Secure Laptop

Remote Vulnerable Laptops – fertile attack targets

What 3rd party apps do remote workers have installed? Remote workers are nothing new, but the challenge of hunting down employees on-the-go and assessing these devices can be a task in and of itself. With the increase of cyber incidents … Continue reading → ... Read More

Cloud Workload Resilience PulseMeter

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