America the Vulnerable

Interesting approach to computer security
Image by formalfallacy @ Dublin (Victor) via Flickr

During my commute to and from work I recently began listening to the audiobook, “America the Vulnerable: New Technology and the Next Threat to National Security” by Joel Brenner, narrated by Lloyd James. The audiobook was downloaded from

I’m currently half-way through the unabridged audio and am enjoying it. The book is an eye-opening reminder of what many of us within the InfoSec industry are already aware of as we analyze security events on a daily basis. American national security, our economy, physical and energy infrastructure, financial system and our own privacy are at risk and that if security isn’t built into our systems, our systems won’t be secure. From what I’ve listened to so far, Brenner does a good job of laying out the cyber-threat facing the United States.

I hope to finish the audiobook by the end of this week as I’m interested in hearing what Brenner has to prescribe as a solution to the problem. Though I have yet to finish the audiobook, I recommend it as a must read for anyone interested or with career in cybersecurity.

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