The TARDIS Corset Interview

This post will be slightly different from my usual fare. This is an interview that I did on Twitter with amazonv and mayfairemoon regarding the TARDIS Corset. The entire interview can be found by searching for #tardiscorset on twitter.

It has been an interesting week for my friends Nikki (amazonv) and Nikki (mayfairemoon). Mayfairemoon posted the following picture of a corset she has been working on for amazonv.

The TARDIS Corset was unveiled and then the Internet got excited.

Amazonv had mentioned the corset was being built earlier this summer and I for one could not wait to see the pictures.

After that first picture appeared, the TARDIS corset began making the round on a variety of web sites. Amazonv’s has links to many of the articles at

On Tuesday August 16th another set of pictures was posted that shows how the corset looks when worn

On Tuesday evening amazonv and I were talking via twitter and the topic turned to the corset. I made a comment about how talented I thought amazonv was

amazonv @n0b0d4 why me? I didn’t make the corset, @mayfairemoon did, I just put cash behind her amazing artistic talent

n0b0d4 @amazonv oh right wrong thought process. whose idea was it? yours or @mayfairemoon – talent and skill also need inspiration

amazonv @n0b0d4 @mayfairemoon she had the idea before me, but when sh

e mentioned it I was all over it, we had some plotting, sketching, then bam!

n0b0d4 @mayfairemoon @amazonv so it was collaborative then

amazonv @n0b0d4 @mayfairemoon did the hard work (idea to real) and its not done yet since canada posts hates me

n0b0d4 @mayfairemoon @amazonv since this is turning into an interview – is it ok to continue?

amazonv @n0b0d4 interviews should go to nikki ( @mayfairemoon ) not me, unless they do both (nikki^2)

I am not sure what inspired me to schedule an interview with amazonv and mayfairemoon for Wednesday August 17th. I provided my questions to the Nikki’s ahead of time. The interview was conducted in near real time on twitter (thanks in part due to flakey Internet access at my hotel). I am including the transcript below:

How long have you known each other?

amazonv @n0b0d4 I first saw @mayfairemoon at the PA ren faire at least 6 years ago, we meet through @GilCnaan again 2 years ago

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 Well, we’ve also been in the same scene for a while, now.

Who introduced you?

amazonv @n0b0d4 We were introduced by @GilCnaan a mutual friend we do have a lot of mutual friends

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv Probably @GilCnaan, but we have a bunch of the same friends, so it was inevitable, I think.

When did you come up with the original idea for the TARDIS corset?

amazonv @n0b0d4 When I had to cancel my wedding gown order with @mayfairemoon I said I wanted a corset still, she threw out ideas

amazonv @n0b0d4 I said I like tea, and scifi…and @mayfairemoon said “TARDIS” and I squealed and squealed some more

how much time did the design phase take?

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv I had the basics in my head all this time. Couldn’t figure out tech aspects til I chatted w/ @damnedgoodesign

amazonv @n0b0d4 on my part I spent a night eating sushi & plotting with nikki, and a few emails and phone calls, then she took over

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv Refining the design took forever. Lots of “Will this work?” followed by “Ooops. No. Try again.”

mayfairemoon @amazonv @n0b0d4 Because EVERYTHING is better with sushi. Absolutely.

What inspired the original idea for the TARDIS corset?

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 I was wandering around Philcon 4 yrs or so ago, and thought, “How do I translate the fabulous geekery to my corsetry?”

mayfairemoon @amazonv @n0b0d4 I wanted to do the corset for all these years– the sitch with @amazonv was was fabulous serendipity.

MorrigansWitch asked @mayfairemoon How did you and @amazonv decide which version of the TARDIS to use?

mayfairemoon @MorrigansWitch @amazonv @n0b0d4 That was Nikki S’s choice. Eleven’s is such a pretty blue. But we did discuss that a lot!

amazonv @MorrigansWitch I wanted bright blue , and so opted for the most recent also the St John’s logo evens out the design

amazonv @MorrigansWitch we dug up pictures of all of the TARDIS images online to compare and contrast during our sushi meeting

How does that compare to most other corset designs?

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 It’s $860, which includes lights & sound. It’ll make the sound of the TARDIS engines when you open the little door.

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 My regular custom corsets start at $449 for a 3-lacing corset, and $549 for a corset with 5 sets of laces.

How much time has the build out had so far?

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 I think…hm. Three or four months so far? Figuring out the panels, lights and sound has been the hardest part!

mayfairemoon @amazonv @MorrigansWitch @n0b0d4 Also, I gathered all my visual references and sent them to @damnedgoodesign. Awesome.

How does that compare to most other corset builds?

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv If I really have an emergency, I can do a regular corset in a week. Usually, orders take about 8 – 10 weeks.

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv When I do this again– which I am– it won’t be this long. It’s been a learning process.

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv The first set of panels died a horrible, messy death. Now we use acetate, which is MUCH better and cleaner.

What materials were used in construction?

amazonv @n0b0d4 The outside is silk, the panels are acetate with felt backing, the ribbons are organza (2 colors)

amazonv @n0b0d4 @mayfairemoon needs to attach the EL wire to make it light up, the sound card and a yale key

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv I also use 1/2″ wide spring steel boning, and heavy cotton twill or canvas to line it.

The corset is not yet complete, what is still pending?

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv I have to install the electroluminescent wire, the soundcard, and do the inside of the little phone box.

amazonv @n0b0d4 And the phone needs to be painted, and the inside needs to be painted

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv There’s also going to be a quote handwritten on the lining. One from “The Doctor’s Wife.”

Were there any materials you considered using that you eliminated? if so what were they?

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv The first set of panels was two layers of plastic w/printed paper in between. That…wow, did THAT not work.

How comfortable is it to wear as compared to other corsets you’ve worn?

amazonv @n0b0d4 very comfy (custom FTW!) once you wiggle and tighten it into place you get great posture & you are good for hours!

amazonv @n0b0d4 I own multiple off the shelf corsets and this is by far the best, I am reluctant to get a non-custom one in the future

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 I’ve been wearing mine up to 10 hours a day for years. I think– & people tell me– they’re most comfy they’ve had.

Is this going to be a unique creation or will it be made again for select individuals?

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 I’m taking orders, and judging from interest there’ll be a waiting list. But I’ll never mass-produce them. Just a few!

amazonv @n0b0d4 each @mayfairemoon piece is custom – so yes you can have a TARDIS, a different model if you want too

amazonv @n0b0d4 I think my next @mayfairemoon may be boba fett …

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv And yes, I can do any Doctor’s specific TARDIS. When I do my own, it’ll be Nine/Ten’s.

Since this is Dr Who based I will shift to some Dr Who questions?

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv Squee! Go for it!

Who is your favorite Doctor?

amazonv @n0b0d4 TEN (david tennant)

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv That’s a tough one. I started with 4 like most Americans, but first really fell for 5. But 10…oh, my.

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv I’m really torn bwtn 5 and 10. I love them both. Went to London to see Tennant in “Hamlet.” That was amazing.

Who is your favorite companion?

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv I loved Nyssa/Tegan/Adric. SOBBED when he bit it. I also love Rose and Donna. And Amy’s snark.

amazonv @n0b0d4 rose tyler

amazonv @n0b0d4 I have to say Sarah Jane Smith is my second love

mayfairemoon @amazonv @n0b0d4 See, I never could bond with Sarah Jane in Old Who. Loved her MUCH more in New Who.

n0b0d4 RT @amazonv: @n0b0d4 I have to say Sarah Jane Smith is my second love big fan as well

amazonv @n0b0d4 @mayfairemoon too bad K9 doesn’t count as a companion, puppeh!

amazonv @n0b0d4 They tie him to humanity, they are our brige to connect with him (IMO)

Who/What is your favorite villain?

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv Didn’t have a fave villain til Daleks out-bitched the Cybermen in Series Two. “You are better at dying!” SNAP!

amazonv @n0b0d4 The weeping angels scare the pants off me

What is your favorite episode or story arc (if old)?

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 I loved “School Reunion,” “Unicorn & Wasp,” “Vincent & The Doctor,” but my favourite is probably “Shakespeare Code.”

amazonv @n0b0d4 currently, “the doctor’s wife” because I loved meeting Idris/Sexy otherwise “Bad Wolf” “The Parting of the Ways”

amazonv @mayfairemoon only because you are a Shakespeare fiend! @n0b0d4

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv Oh, yeah. “The Doctor’s Wife” has been on all week. Surprise, surprise. Watch it over and over– LOVE it.

amazonv @n0b0d4 My Laptop I am using now is “Bad Wolf”

mayfairemoon @amazonv @n0b0d4 Yeah, guilty as charged on that one. Shakespeare corsets are coming, actually.

What are your thoughts on Captain Jack?

amazonv @n0b0d4 I was shocked by how he plays into the future and had to rewatch various episodes to make sure there was continuity.

amazonv @n0b0d4 Also he’s the biggest slut (in a good way)

n0b0d4 @amazonv and rewatching was a hardship I am certain

mayfairemoon My thoughts? Simple: YES. RT: @amazonv @mayfairemoon what are your thought on Captain Jack?

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv Also? I reeeeally want to go shopping with John Barrowman.

amazonv @n0b0d4 oh yes so much a hardship to see Captain Jack over and over

What have you thought of your sudden Internet fame?

amazonv @n0b0d4 Nikki deserves it! she has made a screen accurate snape costume, steampunk corsets, & many other amazing geeky things

amazonv @n0b0d4 it’s a little weird to see yourself on boing boing & see people commenting about the fact that you are free to public

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 I’ve used the word “surreal” more times this week than in my entire life previously.

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 Best part is all my friends commenting everywhere about how much they love my corsets. That’s so wonderful.

amazonv @n0b0d4 exciting to watch my website analytics & FB Likes double

What has been the coolest/most interesting aspect of the attention thus far (aside from this interview)?

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 I thought I’d gotten popular with the Snape outfit I made for Nigel of @Platform01 . Oh, how little did I know….

amazonv @n0b0d4 being on boing boing, seeing people want my corset – assures me i am not the only geek out there who wants one.

amazonv @n0b0d4 Also, having my friends call or message me to say “is this your corset” or “i saw you on site XYZ” is kinda fun

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 Getting queries from all over the world. Seeing the photos on sites where I’m used to going for Dr Who info.

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 And all the lovely things people have been saying.

amazonv @n0b0d4 Also needing to do a last minute photo shoot so people could see me in TARDIS after nerdist and it’s not done yet!

That is all of the questions that I had prepared, thank you so much for taking the time to talk about

amazonv @n0b0d4 You are welcome 🙂

amazonv Anyone else have questions for @mayfairemoon about ?

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv Oh, thank you! It’s been delightful! I can’t tell you how much fun everything has been. Seriously.

n0b0d4 @amazonv @mayfairemoon i will compile all of the questions and write something up for you

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv You are made of awesome. With a side of bananas.

n0b0d4 @mayfairemoon @amazonv I am very happy that we were able to do this.

mayfairemoon @n0b0d4 @amazonv So am I! Thanks again!

amazonv @n0b0d4 Me too, g’night all!

mayfairemoon If you want your own TARDIS corset, check out , & drop me a line at [email protected]

I really enjoyed interviewing these two wonderful ladies and getting to know more about the TARDIS corset. I want to thank both of them and everyone who followed along while we were talking. I also want to thank MorrigansWitch for adding a really great question in the middle of the interview and VioletBlue for reviewing my questions and offering suggestions before the interview itself

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