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Protecting Business-Critical Data in the Cloud

Business disasters can occur at any given moment. If or when that happens, it’s critical to have a copy of your data. Ransomware attacks are becoming increasingly common, with some experts estimating ...
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Data Backup and Recovery Strategies during Work from Home

5 All-Important Data Backup Strategies You Need to Work from Home With everything moving online at an unprecedented pace in the wake of COVID-19, working from home has become the new normal ...
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SMB Security: Backups Need to Include More Than Data

Mass remote work has created many challenges for cybersecurity, but while there is a lot of chatter about the rise in phishing attempts and concerns of data breaches and data privacy issues, ...
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Why Your Cloud Apps Deserve Better Data Protection

The potential for catastrophic data loss events continues to climb as the use of cloud applications grows. Small and medium-sized enterprises are moving massive amounts of data into the cloud—and that data ...
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6 Steps to Effectively Manage Business Data

The post 6 Steps to Effectively Manage Business Data appeared first on CCSI ...
Danish Firm Says Costs of Apparent Ransomware Attack Could Reach $95M

Danish Firm Says Costs of Apparent Ransomware Attack Could Reach $95M

A Danish company revealed that the costs associated with what appears to be a ransomware attack could reach as much as $95 million. Demant, a Danish manufacturer of hearing aids, suffered a ...
Essentials to Consider When Backing up Data

5 Essentials to Consider When Backing up Your Data

Data backup is very crucial for any business. It’s been said that a company is as good as the quality of its data backup plan. In a perfect world, if you have ...
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Data Backup: Considering Your Options and The Alternative

The simple truth is that people don’t realize that saving information on their local hard drive can easily be lost. How you might ask? Your local hard drive just failed resulting in ...

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