Security Considerations for Cloud Migration

Cloud computing has revolutionized the way businesses operate, and it is growing exponentially. The main advantages provided by this technology include cost optimization where there is no need for a capital expenditure upfront anymore and costs being further reduced by using economies of scale where a large number of organizations ... Read More

How FIM Supplements Anti-Malware

In information security world, we always use the buzz word “Defense in Depth”. Though the concept is simple, it is difficult to implement. Organizations that carry out a proper risk analysis have a clearer picture in terms of cost/benefit analysis. In this article, we shall discuss how a FIM solution ... Read More
The State of Security

The Myth of “False Positives” in Vulnerability Assessments

While false detections should be eliminated as much as possible, these are an inherent part of any vulnerability assessment tool. Possible reasons for false detections include rapid changes in vendor-specific patches/updates, zero-day vulnerabilities, access restrictions, and network glitches. The goal is to have the fewest vulnerabilities detected in an enterprise ... Read More
The State of Security