The threat landscape in 2021 (so far)

The past 18 months – from the rapid adoption of remote working, innovative new technologies being trialed and tested the world over, to pandemic-fueled emotions – have been the perfect conditions for cybercrime to thrive. Cybercriminals have shown no sign of slowing down in 2021 and, as we approach the ... Read More
MSSP programme by Blueliv: straightforward engagement, increased revenue

Blueliv Threat Exchange Network

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November IOC highlights   Linux.Ngioweb botnet is updated to target IoT devices Recently, a new variant of Ngioweb with new capabilities has been found targeting multiple CPU arquitectures. Ngioweb bot malware is to implement Back-Connect Proxy on the victim’s machine.The attacker builds multiple bots into a Proxies Pool and controls ... Read More


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Greece-based cyber vendor harnesses Blueliv threat intelligence for its suite of services   BARCELONA, Spain & ATHENS, Greece – Sept 21, 2020 – Blueliv, a leading provider of enterprise-class threat intelligence solutions, and Neurosoft, a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP), today announced a wide-ranging strategic partnership that will allow Neurosoft ... Read More
Blueliv’s Threat Context solution tracks different CVEs and maps them to cybercriminal activities.

The RECON Vulnerability and related TTPs

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Key takeaways  CVE-2020-6287 is a vulnerability present in SAP NetWeaver software that hinges on a missing authentication check. Successful weaponization of this vulnerability would allow attackers to abuse internet-facing SAP systems in a way that enables them to gain control over critical business processes. Numerous threat actors would be interested ... Read More
Newsletter July 2020

Newsletter July 2020

Blueliv Threat Exchange Network: July IOC highlights Connection discovered between Chinese hacker group APT15 and defense contractor Cyber-security firm Lookout said it found evidence connecting Android malware that was used to spy on minorities in China to a large government defense contractor from the city of Xi’an. Lookout’s report details ... Read More

Why Threat Intelligence is Central to Effective Vulnerability Prioritization

Vulnerability management is a persistent feature of good cybersecurity practice; a routine hygiene to help proactively reduce organizational risk. But vulnerability management is also a somewhat blunt instrument when faced with a critical mass of threats, each evolving at a different pace and each with unique implications for individual businesses ... Read More
Map of APT41 targets

Sounding the Pharma Alarma: An overview of the pharmaceutical threat landscape

The whole world is fighting the spread of COVID-19 and working to return to the lives we had before. Pharmaceutical and medical research teams in different countries are busy searching for a solution to win the battle against the virus. However, cybercriminals and threats don’t rest, even in an international ... Read More

Why Digital Risk is more than a margin maker for cyber channel partners

The arrival of Digital Risk as a market category is capturing the attention of cyber channel partners who see an opportunity to deliver extra value to customers pursuing digital transformation goals. In this blog we examine the role of threat intelligence (TI) in the digital risk equation, and as a ... Read More

Shifting Cybersecurity Mindsets – how MSSPs can become the enablers of their customers’ digital transformations

Spin it however you want, there is no getting away from the fact that most cybersecurity interventions limit the possibilities and innovation of IT. Just imagine a world with no cyber threats in its past, present or future – and how differently humankind might have harnessed technology without such anxieties ... Read More

Expanding MSSP service portfolios with threat intelligence

MSSPs are springing up everywhere; good news for enterprise customers because more providers means more choice, innovation and, price competitiveness. But MSSPs that have grown used to providing a high value, premium service needs to be cautious that their offerings don’t become commoditized. New entrants need to differentiate or carve ... Read More