BSidesSF 2019 - Bye-Bye False Positives: Using AI to Improve Detection (Ivan Novikov)

Can ChatGPT be used to attack your APIs? | API Security Newsletter

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The (winter) solstice is fast approaching, along with the end-of-year holidays – before we know it, it’ll be 2023 already! And with the fall behind us, our hive has been busy putting the finishing touches on many new and improved capabilities – such as weak JWT detection, API Abuse Prevention, ... Read More

Q3-2022 API ThreatStats™ Report

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The latest quarterly review and analysis of API vulnerabilities and exploits is in. Our initial take had us thinking it was smooth sailing for the state of API vulnerabilities in Q3—or was it just a lull in the storm? As it turns out, it’s neither. Read on to learn more ... Read More