Why We Comply with Data Privacy Laws and Standards

The answer is really simple, right? Governments pass laws that mandate certain rules be followed and infuse a punitive measure for those people or organizations not in compliance with the regulation in question. In a carrot-and-stick world, the repercussions exacted by the oversight agency responsible for compliance are all stick ... Read More

The Error of Overlooking Human Error in Data Breaches

We all make them. Silly, simple human errors and oversights. Call it a foible in human nature, but often it just exemplifies our inability to keep our attention focused on one thing in an increasingly distracted world ... Read More

Data is the Lifeblood of your Organization

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Data is pretty important to any business these days. Many people claim that data is the most important asset you can possess, with more utility than capital assets and with more meaningful (though often latent) insights than a host of human capital. Data reflects your entire business: your intellectual property, ... Read More

So What’s All This About a Metaverse?

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve no doubt heard of the metaverse and the major tech players who are lining up to become dominant players in this next iteration of our online lives. The metaverse is intended to create virtual communities in which augmented reality and other immersive ... Read More
2022 Cybersecurity Predictions | Full Version | comforte AG

Supply Chain Attacks on the Rise – How can they be Prevented?

As 2021 wound down, many of us in the cybersecurity industry made predictions about continued attacks against targets positioned within supply chains. These supply chains can be very diverse, as wide-ranging as the energy, software, healthcare, and electronics industries, but they all present an irresistible target for threat actors. The ... Read More

New Year’s Resolution for 2022: be more Proactive About Data Security

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Yes, winter is approaching. I know, it sounds like the prophetic line from the popular books and TV series Game of Thrones. But it’s true—cold (and nasty) weather is nearly upon most of us (Florida, you’re excluded of course) ... Read More

The Many Roads to Data Protection

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Getting from point A to point B in a car always seems to be a pretty easy proposition, at least until you’re behind the wheel and moving. On a map, look for the largest road(s) with the greatest bandwidth capacity, which in the US usually means a highway or interstate, ... Read More

The Value of Annual Industry Predictions

The other day, my colleague Brett Bicker, who heads up comforte’s enterprise market development team, and I were on a Zoom call ready to record our annual industry predictions. It’s a tradition of sorts I guess, not only for comforte but for most companies in tech. Make some predictions about ... Read More

The Ethical Side of Data Privacy Compliance

None of us likes to be told what to do. Especially when what we’re being told (or ordered) to do is tedious, expensive, unexciting, or counter to productivity or forward momentum, we just aren’t inclined to comply so willingly. We immediately push back and find reasons both legitimate and not-so-legitimate ... Read More

A Few Points About Point Products for Protecting Private Data

One of the big challenges with implementing narrow point products for enterprise data security is that the IT ecosystem in which your data resides is so expansive. Just think about it. Data does a lot of traveling within an enterprise, regardless of whether that data originates from within the organization ... Read More