Report: Many Companies Taking Status Quo Approach to Cyber Security at Their Own Peril

At the recent RSA Conference in San Francisco, attendees heard a lot of recognition that the cyber security landscape is in flux. A new generation of technologies that generate unprecedented amounts of data has changed the playing field, as has the rise of artificial intelligence. This has resulted not just ... Read More

Governments Worldwide Appear to Be Hearing the Calls for Improved Cyber Security

Governments of all types have long proven to be challenged in the area of cyber security. Forget the long-standing jokes about government red tape and inefficiency; this isn't about not being able to get it done. It's about years of giving security short shrift. Consider that the United Nations' second ... Read More

From New Insights and Best Practices to Networking and Recruitment, RSA Conference 2018 Had it All

It's hard not to return from the RSA Conference and not think of that whole "firehose of information" metaphor tech folks love to trot out. Because that's what the RSA Conference quite literally is: a firehose of information. Whether you get there early to take advantage of pre-conference tutorials, prefer ... Read More

As RSA Conference Convenes, Tech Companies Promise to Take Security Reins

As 50,000 members of the cyber security community descended upon San Francisco for the annual RSA Conference to discuss solutions to the security questions facing us, 34 technology companies revealed that they plan to start doing something. In signing the so-called Cybersecurity Tech Accord, Cisco, Facebook, Microsoft and 31 other ... Read More

This Year’s Innovation Sandbox Theme: Taking Humans out of the Security Equation

Kicking off the RSA Conference with the Innovation Sandbox event-within-an-event has always made a lot of sense. Attendees get an overview of what's coming next in security without having to feel like they have to jump into a deep dive right out of the gate. They get 10 three-minute presentations ... Read More

No Shortage of Compelling Topics as RSA Conference 2018 Approaches

Certain things in life are inevitable. Death and taxes. The sun rising in the East and setting in the West. Donald Trump tweeting extemporaneously. Kids growing up and leaving home (okay, so there's a little hope in that last one.) Here's another item to add to the list: Namely, that ... Read More

New York Cybersecurity Regulations: An Important Step, but Still a Long Way From the GDPR

Leave it to New Yorkers to take a uniquely aggressive stand against cybercrime. Sure, the effort only protects one industry, but we have to start somewhere. As home to the world's greatest concentration of financial services firms, not to mention the most powerful stock exchanges on the planet, New York ... Read More

NIST Cybersecurity Framework Getting a Facelift, Looking to Make Adoption Easier

One of the biggest obstacles to securing the nation's critical infrastructure components, as well as to securing enterprise environments, is poor coordination. Whether it's the lack of a common vocabulary, a lack of agreement about best practices and recommended methodologies, or simply seeing security through different lenses, it's clear that ... Read More

How Educational Institutions Are Failing to Adequately Protect Student Data

With security at the forefront of hot button issues across the country right now, one threat often gone unnoticed to students' well-being is the growing frequency with which their personal data is being compromised. Cyber criminals' increased interest in attacking education systems imperils students' financial futures and privacy, and gives ... Read More

Shift Left or Die: Baking Security into the Software Development Lifecycle is More Critical Than Ever

Somewhere along the road to DevOps nirvana that so many organizations have been attempting to follow, security got left behind. You see, a big driver of the need for DevOps is the speed with which organizations crank out software. It turns out it's really easy for software development to run ... Read More