5 Reasons Agentless-1

Five Reasons Agentless AppSec is the Right Choice

I’m a big fan of the ThreatX agentless architecture. It simplifies many of aspects of deployment and side-steps a lot of the problems with agent-based architecture ... Read More
WAF to WAAP++ WhitepaperComposite

This Way to WAAP++

I’m excited, y’all! We’ve just published a cool piece of content that everyone with an interest in AppSec should take a look at ... Read More
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3 Steps to Improve Your AppSec Using ThreatX and Splunk Phantom

Modern AppSec and security teams face enormous challenges of scale when it comes to their daily workload. Organizations need to secure more applications and APIs than ever before, and those apps and APIs are under constant attack from increasingly sophisticated methods. Security staff has to parse and analyze an avalanche ... Read More
HomeInspection (1)

You Wouldn’t Buy a Home Without an Inspection. Why Buy a Company Without One?

Mergers and acquisitions are some of the most important, exciting, and often messy aspects of the business world. Having been through the process several times, both as an acquirer and an acquiree, I can personally attest that technology and security are areas where things can get particularly messy. Buyers and ... Read More

My First 100 Days

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If you manage yourself well over the course of your career, you’ll get maybe a half-dozen shots at your “first 100 days.” Any more than that and you might be job hopping too much. Any less, and you might be staying in your comfort zone for too long ... Read More