Three Levels of Change: The Good, the Bad and the Approved

What I’ve found throughout the years is that the only constant in life is the fact that everything changes and changes frequently. I can’t even get a consistent scenery on my way to work longer than a couple of weeks before something is different! At the same time, the world ... Read More

“Accelerate” Review: What Makes a High Performer of Software Development and Delivery

The last book campaign was on “The Phoenix Project,” which is an easy-to-read story about a fictional company’s transformation into the world of DevOps. “Accelerate” is nothing like that, and if you’re a sucker for raw data like I am, then you may enjoy it more. “Accelerate” details the results ... Read More
Knowledge 18

Knowledge18 – Can You Prevent the Breach?

I had the opportunity to attend the Knowledge18 conference this past week, and from the registration to closing, I’ve never been to a show that’s had so much energy. Knowledge18 staff would start the morning with a DJ playing music and with the staff energetically greeting attendees/sponsors while moving to ... Read More