Taking Industrial Cybersecurity Seriously

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On page 15 of World Pipelines magazine, Steve Hanna, Co-Chair of the industrial Work Group at TCG, describes how to protect the digital future of pipeline operations. The post Taking Industrial Cybersecurity Seriously appeared first on Trusted Computing Group ... Read More

Protecting the energy sector’s industrial IoT

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By Steve Hanna, Co-chair of TCG’s Industrial Work Group and IoT Work Group Many sectors now utilize Internet of Things (IoT) equipment to drive digital transformation, and ultimately increase automation and efficiency. In particular, the energy sector is seeing wide implementation, from the equipment used in oil and gas extraction, ... Read More

5 security lessons to learn in 2022

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As we look ahead to what is next for 5G deployments, the mass adoption of Virtual Reality, and the increasing digital transformation of all industries, new cybersecurity challenges are on the horizon. With that, comes the opportunity to act now and build resiliency against cyber threats, so we can welcome ... Read More

How to Reduce The Risk of Cyber-Attacks on Global Supply Chains

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Trusted-Computing-Group-article-USCM-winter-2022-Issue The number of cyber-attacks attempting to compromise global industry supply chains are on the rise, and a new survey by BlueVoyant found that 97 percent of global firms have been impacted by a cybersecurity breach in their supply chain in the past 12 months. Not only that, but 95 ... Read More

Tackling the rise of cyber-attacks on Industrial Control Systems

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By Steve Hanna, Chair of Industrial Work Group Cyber-attacks on Industrial Control Systems are increasing, requiring the designers of industrial systems to reassess and re-evaluate their methods of guarding against not only targeted attacks, but also mass-distributed malware. Attacks are not only increasing in frequency, but also in sophistication, meaning ... Read More

The Cyber Skills Shortage & Training Gap – What Is The Solution?

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With large-scale data breaches increasing in not only frequency but also complexity, increasing cyber security resiliency should be a top priority for all industries. According to the International System Security Certification Consortium (ICS2) there are more than 4.07 million unfilled cyber security positions across the world. With a lack of training for this undersubscribed role, ... Read More

Protecting Supply Chains from Highly Contagious Attacks

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Hackers are using supply chain attacks to infiltrate a large number of organizations using a single, targeted attack. According to a report from the security company, Anchore, 64% of respondents have been impacted by supply chain attacks in the last 12 months. They collected data from 425 IT, security and DevOps ... Read More

DMTF Shares Industry Support for its Platform Security Standards

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PORTLAND, Ore. – January 11, 2022 – DMTF today announced that its Security Protocol and Data Model (SPDM) specifications have garnered industry support and are actively helping to solve customer and end user concerns with a standardized platform security protocol. Developed by the Security Task Force within the Platform Management ... Read More

Securing Supply Chains Against the Threat of Attacks

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It is clear to see that supply chain attacks are on the rise. Recent research shows that the US saw a rise of 42% in the first quarter of 2021 alone, and supply chain attacks could increase by four-fold in the remainder of the year. The changing nature of cyber-attacks require ever-evolving solutions to ... Read More
June 2021 Member Meeting | Google R&D Session

TPM as an API for attestation in big, distributed environments

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By Chris Fenner & Jeff Andersen, Google Google’s data center platforms currently lean on proprietary Titan hardware and APIs to attest to platform integrity. These APIs provide advanced features like first-instruction integrity of platform firmware and self-attestation of Titan’s application firmware. Titan hardware and APIs are complementary: for example, advanced ... Read More