Mirai botnet authors plead guilty

The authors of the infamous Mirai botnet - used to launch record-breaking Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks last year that knocked major segments of the internet offline - have pleaded guilty to federal cybercrime charges ... Read More

Massive Uber data scraping and secret servers exposed in Waymo suit

It’s old news that Uber has legal troubles on its plate - but the plot has thickened considerably in recent weeks ... Read More

Coinbase: don’t expect to trade your cryptocurrency at busy times

It’s OK to be excited about Bitcoin and other digital currencies, according to Brian Armstrong, CEO of digital currency exchange Coinbase... just maybe not that excited ... Read More

Net Neutrality comments “deeply corrupted” – NY Attorney General

Eric Schneiderman called for the postponement, declaring that the public comment process in advance of the vote ... Read More

High schooler hacks his way to a higher GPA

You’d think students smart enough to hack into their school’s IT system and change their grades wouldn’t need to hack into their school’s IT system and change their grades ... Read More

Teen hacker sentenced for serious disruption of Phoenix 911 system

He intended to build a “non-harmful but annoying bug that he believed was ‘funny.’” ... Read More
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IRS chief: assume your identity has been stolen

American's should “assume their data is already in the hands of criminals and ‘act accordingly.’” ... Read More
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Internet of Ships falling down on security basics

While most modern ships may not have physical leaks, they are catastrophically porous when it comes to cyber security ... Read More
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