Sonrai Expert Series: Excessive vs Effective Permissions

You Just Bought Wiz, Here’s What’s Next

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Reading Time: 5 minutes So you just bought or renewed with Wiz – well done on kicking off your cloud security journey. Cloud security is a multi-pronged program, requiring protection across workloads, platform configurations, cloud identities, and data and applications. Wiz brings an agentless scanning-based workload protection approach to cloud ... Read More
Sonrai Expert Corner: Identity Proliferation

CIEM vs IGA: Addressing Cloud Identity Governance

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Reading Time: 8 minutes Everyone’s goal is the same: protecting enterprise data and resources from malicious attack or exposure. The most efficient way to accomplish that is by managing digital identities and their access rights. Identity security is a broad umbrella term with many solutions in the market. In this ... Read More
The Sonrai Difference: Anomaly Detection

Sonrai Anomaly Detection: Fix Access Risks Before They’re an Incident

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Reading Time: 7 minutes So you’ve identified your most critical assets. You know your super users. Your highest privileged identities. You know the applications that are the backbone of innovation. You know the datastores holding private customer information. Now it’s time to lock those entities down and detect suspicious or ... Read More
identity based policy

AWS Identity-Based Policy Vs. Resource-Based Policy

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Reading Time: 7 minutes Granting and Denying Access: Identity-Based Policy Vs. Resource-Based Policy Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies play a pivotal role in controlling access to resources and ensuring the security of Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments. AWS offers two distinct types of policies: Identity-based policies and resource-based policies ... Read More
How to Perform a Cloud Risk Assessment

How to Perform a Cloud Risk Assessment

Reading Time: 6 minutes A cloud security risk assessment is an analysis of an organization’s cloud infrastructure to determine its security posture. This is a critical process for any organization operating out of the cloud to better understand present risks and determine gaps in security coverage. The result is finding ... Read More
New Study Backs An Identity-First and Inside-Out Approach to Cloud Security

New Study Backs An Identity-First and Inside-Out Approach to Cloud Security

Reading Time: 4 minutes TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group released a new report detailing why proper management of identity and access is critical to reducing cloud security risk.  The report includes recent market research data on identity-based cloud risks combined with effective approaches for risk reduction. You can find the full ... Read More
The Sonrai Difference: Toxic Permissions Analyzer

Toxic Permissions Analyzer: See Attack Paths your Existing Solutions Can’t

Reading Time: 6 minutes While exploiting identities and privilege isn’t always the way into an enterprise cloud, it is always involved in malicious data access or a cloud takeover. Imagine enterprise clouds as complex webs, with identities and permissions as the strings tying workloads, services, resources, datastores, and even different ... Read More
Sonrai Expert Series: Excessive vs Effective Permissions

5 Reasons You Wouldn’t Buy Sonrai

Reading Time: 7 minutes If you’re reading this, you might be considering a cloud security solution – maybe an identity and permissions-focused one – maybe even Sonrai. Potential customers are our best source of knowledge – we get to hear directly from the horse’s mouth how they consider our solution ... Read More

CIEM vs. PAM: Know the Difference

Reading Time: 8 minutes CIEM vs. PAM: Know the Differences in the Cloud Identity Solutions With so many varying environments – cloud, on-premises, and hybrid – and numerous security priorities, there are a myriad of security solutions to choose from. This blog will explore CIEM vs PAM including what they ... Read More
prioritized actions root cause

Reduce Risk Efficiently & Save Time with Prioritized Actions

Reading Time: 7 minutes Let’s establish the problem: practitioners are experiencing alert fatigue – desensitized, overwhelmed, and unable to manage the sheer scale of cloud security alerts. Why? The vast nature of the cloud means more potential for security risks, on average the typical large enterprise hosts six different security ... Read More