Enter the Matrix: Cyber Security Risk Assessments Demystified

Cyber security professionals are, by definition, in the risk management business. Your job is all about making sure information systems and sensitive data are protected against cyber attacks. And now with COVID 19 pushing more workers — and work — online than ever before, getting a handle on your evolving ... Read More

Working from the Home Front Securely

| | Endpoint security
It is said that home is where the heart is, but with the coronavirus (COVID-19) forcing a large part of the workforce to work from home to help contain its spread, home could be where the headache is. Increasingly, companies are employing work-from-home policies, with travel restrictions, quarantining, “social distancing” ... Read More

3 Desktop as a Service (DaaS) Security Risks

Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) has recently gained momentum with Microsoft making Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) generally available and increasing its investment in this service. WVD basically lets companies host low-cost Windows desktops in the cloud, as an alternative to traditional on-prem VDI desktops. A major use case for DaaS is providing users ... Read More
Implementing Privileged Access Workstations For Zero Trust Architecture

Implementing Privileged Access Workstations For Zero Trust Architecture

The Problem with Zero Trust With more and more enterprises moving to mobile and cloud technologies, it’s becoming extremely difficult to enforce perimeter security. That’s why so many organizations are adopting Zero-Trust Architecture (ZTA). It enables them to grant access based on device/user credentials instead of a user’s presence in ... Read More
Hysolate workstations NOT impacted by new Windows CryptoAPI Spoofing Vulnerability

Hysolate workstations NOT impacted by new Windows CryptoAPI Spoofing Vulnerability

Summary Microsoft recently disclosed a spoofing vulnerability that enables an attacker to sign a malicious executable, making it appear that the file was from a trusted, legitimate source. It also enables attackers to conduct man-in-the-middle network attacks. In the recommended configuration of Hysolate, Hysolate customers are not impacted by this ... Read More

VDI Security Best Practices: Breaking the Myth

CISOs and security professionals often refer to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) (made popular by VMWare & Citrix) and other “remote application” solutions as security barriers that hackers have a hard time bypassing. That’s a myth, and here’s why. Thin client scenarios are precarious. These virtualization efforts pose only a minor ... Read More
VDI challenges explained

VDI Challenges: The Problem with VDI

Anyone who’s been in enterprise IT long enough has already heard of, tested or deployed virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solutions (like VMware and Citrix). And why not? The promises made by VDI vendors have been compelling, if not always accurate: cost savings, enabling bring your own device (BYOD), improving the ... Read More

Taking Zero Trust Network Access to The Next Level

What is Zero Trust? Zero trust is a security model based on maintaining strict access control. It has risen in popularity since Forrester coined the term in 2010. Initially, Zero trust referred an enterprise security architecture that relied on a trusted internal network protected by firewalls that enforce perimeter security ... Read More

Living in a post-perimeter era

Everybody’s talking about the post-perimeter era – an era in which there is no longer a distinction between being inside the perimeter of the organization or outside of it. In this new era, our personal devices mix access to sensitive, corporate and personal data. The conventional thinking is that because ... Read More
Demo: VDI Data Extraction

Does VDI protect against data leaks? 

The short answer is simply no. Read more to find out why and to get some tips on how to fix things and get real security while keeping VDI in place (if you have to). In this post, when we use the term VDI, we refer to many different variants ... Read More