Authentication Methods

Comparison of User Authentication Methods on Three Parameters

Evaluating authentication methods based on usability, security and deployability. A plethora of authentication methods exist today to distinctly identify a given user (or another entity such as a system). It all started with the humble password. These days, systems like Apple’s Face ID use a cutting-edge combination of sensors and ... Read More
Camille slays password

Go Passwordless with FIDO2 and Web Authentication

FIDO2 authentication can be used as a single (passwordless) strong authentication method, or in conjunction with a local PIN (to prevent access using a stolen key), or as a secondary authentication factor just like U2F. Passwords are a huge pain in the a$$. They have enormous disadvantages: It’s not practical ... Read More
Leon's Tech Insight

Modernize Access To On-Premise Apps Using an ADC and Idaptive IDaaS

An on-premise Application Delivery Controller (ADC) is a critical piece of any IT infrastructure. It performs critical functions related to high availability, performance, and security of on-premise apps. ADCs started in the 90’s as purely load balancing appliances, and evolved to handle compression, caching, traffic shaping, application security and more, ... Read More