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Disaster Recovery as a Service – Failover and/or Recovery

While Backup as a Service (BaaS) is prevalent in both the Consumer and Business world, Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is geared mostly towards the Business world. What needs to be understood is that DRaaS is not the same as BaaS. In addition, DRaaS is not necessarily a solution ... Read More
Steve Rainess

Next Gen Firewalls

All firewalls are not created equal. To understand that, you need to know what the idea behind a basic firewall is. A firewall from the IT perspective is some hardware or software implementation that is meant to restrict incoming or outgoing network traffic. Most desktop operating systems as well as ... Read More
Steve Rainess

The 411 on VDI – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VDI Brief As the use of Hyper-Convergence technology spreads throughout the industry, desktop virtualization has followed in this lead because HCI is a great platform for execution. Three of the main VDI players at this time would be Citrix, VMWare, and Microsoft. What is great about VDI, is that you ... Read More