Are you buying solid protection or snake oil?

Are you buying solid protection or snake oil?

Sometimes testers need to be tested too. We're always up for a challenge! Latest reports now online. How do you know which security products to buy? Many rely on independent tests to help in the decision-making process. But how do you know if a test is any good or not? ... Read More
Natwest phishing attack

Tough test for email security services

Our latest email cloud security test really challenged the services under evaluation. Latest report now online. Last summer we launched our first email cloud security test and, while it was very well received by our readers and the security industry as a whole, we felt that there was still work to do ... Read More
Predictably Evil

Predictably Evil

A common criticism of computer security products is that they can only protect against known threats. When new attacks are detected and analysed security companies produce updates based on this new knowledge. It's a reactive approach that can provide attackers with a significant window of opportunity. It's why anti-virus has ... Read More

Hacked! Will your anti-malware protect you from targeted attacks?

The news isn't good. Discover your best options in our latest reports. Latest reports now online. Criminals routinely create ingenious scams and indiscriminate attacks designed to compromise the unlucky and, occasionally, foolish. But sometimes they focus on a specific target rather than casting a net wide in the hope of ... Read More

Network appliances vs. targeted attacks

There have been so many publicised data breaches in 2017 that we didn't even have enough space in our latest report to provide a basic summary. In many cases a business network was breached. Business networks comprise endpoints (usually Windows PCs), servers, Point of Sale computers and a range of ... Read More

Quick Excel Tip: VLOOKUP

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Excel's VLOOKUP feature lets you turn it into a sort-of database. If you use Excel to manage projects, invoices or other tasks where you enter the same set of contact details you can semi-automate the process using a handy function called VLOOKUP. It's extremely handy but many descriptions I've read ... Read More
100% Certifiable

100% Certifiable

Whether you're in the market for a car, hamburger or computer security product, certifications are useful. They don't tell you how smooth the car drives, how tasty the sandwich is or how completely accurate the anti-virus software will be, but certifications indicate a general level of competence. Latest reports now ... Read More
Who certifies the certifiers?

Who certifies the certifiers?

At SE Labs we test security software and services methodically, realistically and in great detail. Or, at least, we claim to. But how does anyone really know? Testing can be a very process-driven task. If you are going to be fair to every product undergoing a test you need to ... Read More

Email hosted protection tested

Our first cloud-based email protection report is now available. Email provides a route right into the heart of our computers, phones and other devices. As such, it is frequently abused to perform a variety of attacks against potential victims of cybercrime. Latest report now online. The sophistication of attacks vary but ... Read More

Can Microsoft Solve Security?

Windows is becoming increasingly secure. Does this spell the end of third-party security products and services? Follow the herd There is a well-regarded theory that, when a certain number of a community is immunised against a contagious disease, the rest of the community benefits from the reduced opportunity of an ... Read More