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AWS re:Invent 2023: Passwordless Authentication

At AWS re:Invent, Shira Rubinoff talks with Graeme Speak of BankVault Cybersecurity about passwordless authentication ... Read More
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API security ransomware extortion shift

AWS re:Invent 2023: Ransomware Defense

Shira Rubinoff talks with Naj Husain from Elastio at AWS re:Invent ... Read More
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Cyclops Oxeye toxic workplace ask chloé

AWS re:Invent 2023: Cybersecurity Visibility

Shira Rubinoff talks with CySight's Rafi Sabel at AWS re:Invent 2023 ... Read More
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Tim Zonca

Black Hat: Business Continuity With Commvault’s Tim Zonca

Shira Rubinoff: Hi, this is Shira Rubinoff coming at you live from Black Hat. I’m here with Tim Zonca from Commvault. Tim, such a pleasure to be speaking with you here today and welcome to Black Hat. Tim Zonca: Thank you. Shira Rubinoff: Can you please share with our audience ... Read More
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Charlotte Baker

Black Hat: The Importance of Collaboration With Digital Hands’ Charlotte Baker

Shira Rubinoff: This is Shira Rubinoff here at Black Hat, coming at you live. I’m here with Charlotte Baker, CEO of Digital Hands. Charlotte, it’s such a pleasure to see you again. Charlotte Baker: It’s so nice to see you. Thanks for having me for this conversation. Shira Rubinoff: My ... Read More
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Israel Mazin, Memcyco | Black Hat USA 2023

Black Hat: Defending Against Website Spoofing With Memcyco’s Israel Mazin

Shira Rubinoff: Hi, this is Shira Rubinoff broadcasting live here at Black Hat with Techstrong. I’m here with Israel Mazin from Memcyco. Israel, it’s a pleasure to be with you here today and I’m so happy I was able to catch you between meetings at Black Hat and able to ... Read More
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Aviv Cohen

Black Hat: Security Validation With Pentera’s Aviv Cohen

Shira Rubinoff: Hi, this is Shira Rubinoff. I’m here with Aviv from Pentera. Aviv, it’s such a pleasure to be with you here today. Can you please share with our audience who you are and what you do with Pentera? Aviv Cohen: Hi, Shira. Thank you for having me. Shira ... Read More
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supply chain data secure

How to Get Your Cyber-Hygiene House in Order

Here are four ways organizations can improve their cyber-hygiene and their overall security posture According to one study, 60% of IT professionals said their organization had suffered at least one serious security breach in the last two years. While that number is alarming, it’s not surprising, considering companies are under ... Read More
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Secure Coding Practices