Shian Sung, Author at Security Boulevard

3 Common Wildcard Certificate Risks You Should Know About | Keyfactor

SSL/TLS certificates issued by trusted Certificate Authorities (CAs), either public or private, are used to authenticate a single domain in public facing websites. Organizations with a handful of public domains and subdomains would have to issue and manage an equal number of digital certificates, increasing the complexity of certificate lifecycle ... Read More

How to Secure & Scale Istio mT | Keyfactor

If you’re making the move to Istio service mesh, there are a lot of things you’ll need to consider – security being number one. That conversation typically starts with how to properly manage certificates and control Istio mTLS for your service mesh deployment ... Read More

What are Wildcard Certificates and SAN SSL Certs? – Keyfactor

SSL certificates automatically identify and authenticate public IP addresses’ by assigning each a public/private keypair attached to the server’s unique domain name. Embedding the domain name in the certificate is essential for identifying the web server, and checking the server’s digital signature to confirm the certificate’s validity ... Read More